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The red tape:

Here are some base guidelines, terms, conditions and other jargon which will affect the measure to which we will be able to assist you.

Nevertheless, we will still do our best to resolve any issue or to point you in the correct direction.

* Our software supports end with the operating system originally installed on the device, and any initial issues in its configuration, setup and performance. We do not offer support for altered, changed or different operating systems than the one installed on the device.

** An inspection can be done remotely after which a verdict can be made, otherwise a thorough inspection of the physical device at our premises will be required to see if a breach of warranty has been made.

Log a support ticket

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Please add up to 10 photos of the affected device, or error message if OS related, so we can help you most effectively.

Alternative support channel

Send a message to @RefurbPCcity on Twitter, our official support communication platform.

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