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A full definition of each of our policies, terms, and conditions.

After Sales Support (warranties)Refurb PC City strives to provide the best pre- and post-sales service to all our prospective, current and returning customers. To enable us to provide the service expected, we have put in place 2 warranties to ensure the fulfilment of our intention to be of best help even months after each and every sale. Those warranties are as follows:

12 Month carry-in warranty

Our 12-month warranty ensures that the customer gets the necessary support should anything be wrong or fail in the first 12 months after any sale of any of our products (unless directly stipulated on the product page and a waiver has been signed by the customer in store). It is the client’s responsibility to have the item returned. RPC will not handle any career cost in the returning of the device. This warranty includes full support for broken parts and components as well as software support for the entire term of the warranty. The warranty is void if:

  • The device/s have been altered after purchase beyond the state of sale, for example if the chassis of a desktop (or any other part of the device) has been bent, spray-painted or physically changed in any fashion after sale.
  • The internal components have been removed, exchanged or altered in any way causing a fault to the system. Examples of internal changes that would void the warranty include, but are not limited to:
  • RAM (memory) upgrades or changes.
  • Hard drive re-arrangement, swapping or changes.
  • Hard drive upgrades including cloned drives (cloning an HDD to an SSD).
  • Any other internal change such as changing the configuration of any of the internal components.
  • The software is altered, reloaded or removed after sale, for example: if the operating system has been changed, removed or reverted to older versions.
  • The operating system is artificially upgraded to a newer operating system, especially a version for which the device is not supported.
  • The device has intentionally been damaged in order to solicit a return/refund.
  • Including desktops, laptops, all in ones, servers.

Additional software support note: no software support will be provided other than support for the original operating system as sold. Post-sale installations such as printers, PDF readers and/or writers, media players, etc. will not be covered by our warranty and support for said applications or any issues caused by these applications will not be provided.

Even-though we place a lot of conditions to keep the warranty in place, we will always strive to provide the best possible after-sales service possible at the best possible prices if it is not possible to provide the service for free.

Important note: any return or refund as related to the 12 month carry-in warranty requires the originally purchased device/s to be returned to Refurb PC City before any exchange or refund will be processed. All support or repairs only follow thorough inspection. This inspection can take place virtually via TeamViewer or Any Desk, or by booking it in on-site at our store.

6-month warranty on all batteries

Every device that comes with a battery on which its operation is dependent, has a 6 month after-sale warranty on the condition of the battery. Any battery faults or malfunctions that are natural to the standard ageing of batteries (i.e swelling of cells, loss of ability to maintain charge for long periods, sudden “dead cells” causing the device only to function while plugged in) will be fully covered and a new battery will be supplied as long as the fault has been logged and the battery has been sent to Refurb PC City within 6 months of the original date of purchase.

Physical assessment of each and every unit is done before a device is put up for sale. Therefore, any battery returned with any physical damage, like puncture marks, cracked casings (not due to swollen cells or other natural battery ageing as described above) will not be accepted and the 6-month warranty on that battery will be void.

Any battery that has been returned as faulty or damaged and meets the conditions of this warranty, will not be replaced with a new unit and provided back to the customer, no questions asked.

Other devices included are screens, chargers, batteries or any other components or accessories.

LCD Screens: Warranty will not fall under LCD screens if they are physically damaged.

Important note: We cannot guarantee that the replaced batteries are from the original manufacturer, OEM spec or any other official products. Some replacements may be of a generic manufacturer with matching/acceptable ratings according to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products and service and as a part of every purchase of any desktop or laptop, we offer a 10-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you are in anyway unhappy with your purchase or would just like to return your device for a full refund, RPC will issue a replacement with the same specs, models may vary. For more info please send an email to or give us a call at 010 054 7970 to arrange your return.

The 10 days start from the date the device has been delivered to the customer, or since it has been collected at one of our stores.

Important note: The return will be rejected if the device/s have been damaged or returned in other condition than it was sold in – please read the Returns Policy for more information.

Privacy Policy

We abstain from using any information gathered about any of our customers for any other reason than for post-sales support and marketing provided we have collected the consent of the customer in question. We do not sell out any of our information to third parties or any other company, entity or individual for any reason whatsoever.

We use the contact information gathered form each sale for post-sale marketing via email only if the user has ticked the checkbox to allow us to do so. This checkbox is found on the Checkout page during the online purchase process.

If for any reason, you feel that your contact information is being used unlawfully, please report it urgently to and we will attend to the issues at hand with utmost urgency.

Returns Policy

  • All returns – be it within our 12 or 6 month warranties, 10-day money back guarantee or any other arrangement, must adhere to the following criteria:
  • The client must provide the device/s back to any of our retail outlets at his/her/their own capacity, be it with a courier service, or by delivering the device/s to the shop themselves.
  • The device/s must be delivered to any of our shop outlets in the condition it was sold in. Any defects, damage or value-altering changes to the device/s will void any warranty and reject the return.
  • The client must provide the original invoice and/or order number provided upon purchase to validate any return/repair.