What does "refurbished" mean?

At Refurb PC City we believe in sustainable technology and our “smart recycling” belief: refurbish, don’t recycle. What does that mean?

Refurbish vs. recycling

We all know and love the concept of recycling, and – yes – it is a great way to look after our planet and take responsibility for our commercial, domestic and electronic waste. But what happens to the stuff that can’t be recycled?

The after effects of recycling can be just as bad as not recycling at all...

Even though recycling prevents renewable materials like glass, metal, most plastics and fibres from reaching ecosystems where it can harm the environment and repurposes these materials for re-use – the residual elements that cannot be recycled go straight to the dump.

A lot of these materials that cannot be recycled come from electronic waste, or “e-waste”. These materials include poisonous Barium, non-ferrous metals and plastics that do not bio-degrade and more.

So what’s the answer to this massive environmental issue with non-recycled materials?

Refurbish. Don't recycle

So we know that the stuff that can’t be recycled goes straight to the rubbish dump and eventually filters through the ground into various rivers and ecosystems. That is why – when it comes to e-waste – we promote the refurbished route.

It's called sustainable recycling

When an old laptop or screen is no longer needed or deemed damaged, you can take it to a registered e-waste company to handle the recycling and refurbishment thereof. Parts like the motherboard, chips, screen layers and filters can be repurposed to assemble working units for resale. The broken parts that can be recycled are then sent off to the recyclers.

We only source our stock from certified, trusted e-waste companies

Now you know you can trust what you buy from Refurb PC City, and rest assured that you can always contact us for any technical or software support related to your purchase, and our 6 month carry-in warranty helps you get the best and most out of every deal we have to offer.

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